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Liz McGregor

Madison Capital Group

Director of Human Resources

Liz McGregor is a seasoned HR professional currently serving as the Director of HR at Madison Capital Group Holdings, a role she has held since November 2022. With over 14 years of experience in various HR capacities, Liz brings a wealth of expertise and strategic insight to her leadership role within the organization.

Certified as a Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Liz is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of HR management and fostering a culture of excellence within Madison Capital Group Holdings.

Liz’s journey in HR began after graduating cum laude from UNC Charlotte, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree with a major in Communication and a minor in Psychology. This educational background has equipped her with invaluable skills in effective communication and understanding human behavior, which she applies in her current role to cultivate a positive and productive workplace environment.

Since assuming the role of Director of HR at Madison Capital Group Holdings, Liz has been instrumental in aligning HR strategies with the company’s overarching goals and driving initiatives to enhance employee engagement, talent development, and organizational effectiveness. Her leadership is characterized by a forward-thinking approach, innovative problem-solving, and a commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and collaboration.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Liz is known for her collaborative spirit, integrity, and dedication to building meaningful relationships with colleagues and stakeholders. She is deeply committed to promoting a culture of respect, fairness, and accountability within Madison Capital Group Holdings, ensuring that employees feel valued and supported in their professional growth and development.

As Liz continues to lead HR initiatives at Madison Capital Group Holdings, she remains dedicated to driving positive change, advancing the field of Human Resources, and contributing to the long-term success of the organization.